Project management

ADREM Consulting GmbH
Susanne Schreier
August-Wegmann-Str. 7
26131 Oldenburg
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ADREM has more than 25 years of experience in the foundation, managment and consulting of technology-oriented companies. Our motto is turning new scientific results into economic success. ADREM supports innovative companies and projects and develops strategies for successfully launching ideas in business.

Our comptences include: consulting technology-oriented companies, corporate planning for start-ups, systematic innovation management, coaching of management personnel, strategy development, temporary Management of companies, acitivities in supervisory boards or advisory boards.


Project Lead Partner

Tom Cornelissen
(Project manager Europese projecten)
Laan van Malkenschoten 40
7333 NP Apeldoorn | Postbus 1026
7301 BG Apeldoorn
Phone +31 6 28 90 91 94

Information about Nedstack fuel cell technology B.V. will follow shortly.                                

Project Partners

ZBT GmbH -
Zentrum für BrennstoffzellenTechnik

The fuel cell research center
Dipl.-Ing. Georg Dura
Carl-Benz-Str. 201 
47057 Duisburg
Phone +49 203 7598-0 
Fax: +49 203 7598-2222

ZBT is a research facility which is supporting industry to speed up the market introduction of fuel cells and other new energy technologies. Therefore, ZBT is performing market near work e.g. in the fields of production technologies and certification. In cooperation and consortia the development of components and systems aiming for demonstrators, functional models and engineering solutions is in focus. Additionally, basic research is per-formed in the fields of materials, components and processes. Besides low and high temperature PEM-fuel cell technologies also hydrogen generation and battery technologies are also core topics of ZBT.
ZBT has worked on various research projects dealing with topics which are important for the intended project. New corrosion resistant coatings for bipolar plates have been developed successfully. Besides this, extensive work has been done in order to characterize all components of fuel cells (MEA, bipolar plate, sealing). This includes analysis of corrosion resistance, electrical performance, long-term behavior and failure analysis.
The role of ZBT within the project will be scientific steering within the development of a new optical measurement system for fuel cell components. It brings in the scientific knowledge of existing and future fuel cells. These areas form an innovative technology platform as the basis for quality assurance systems to be developed. The focus of work will be put on the analysis of correlation between optical parameters and performance of the components and the fuel cell. This means that parameters like surface roughness will be put in context with measurements for electric conductivity or corrosion resistance. With the help of the scientific research quality parameters for optical measurement shall be developed as well as new services for quality assurance and failure analysis which can be offered to fuel cell manufacturers.

HyMove B.V.

Theo Hendriks (CEO)
Westervoortsedijk 73
6827 AV Arnhem
The Netherlands

Phone: +31 (0)621 17 44 46

HyMove manufactures hydrogen fuel cell systems for use as range extenders in electric buses and heavy duty vehicles (FCEV).  Using the HyMove H2FC system in an electric vehicle is highly fuel efficient and economic. A relatively small FC system of 60kW, combined with a battery pack which produces the peak acceleration power and recovers the breaking energy, is sufficient in a city bus with mixed city and regional services.  

Participation in the project
In the project regarding super precision Surface Measurement System for fuel cells HyMove is an end-user.  HyMove is interested in reliable fuel cells to be used in their systems.  HyMove cooperates with Nedstack and integrates the PEM fuel cell stacks, developed and manufactured by Nedstack, in the systems for mobile applications and off-grid power. As the weakest cell in a stack determines the total range HyMove is interested in finding better test methods to improve stacks, have less failures and reduce costs. In the frame of this project HyMove defines requirements for a hydrogen fuel cell  stack especially regarding the uniformity in performance of each individual cell. Nedstack evaluates the quality control parameters and test the effect on the reliability of their fuel cell stacks.

Nedstack fuel cell technology B.V.
Wybe Kerkhof (Senior Engineer)
Westervoortsedijk 73
P.O. Box 5167, 6802 ED  ARNHEM
The Netherlands

Phone +31 (0)26 319 7678
Fax +31 (0)26 319 7601

Nedstack fuel cell technology B.V. manufactures and commercializes PEM fuel cell stacks. Customers mainly are system integrators of  PEM fuel cells for stationary applications. With partners, Nedstack also produces large stationary fuel cell systems, and have developed and delivered pre-commercial products for transport applications. Nedstack has developed PEM Power Plant know how in both the Delfzijl 70 kW pilot PEM power plant and the Solvay 1 MW PEM power plant. In both projects Nedstack was responsible for the overall project management. Early 2016, within the FCH-JU funded DemcoPEM-2MW project, Nedstack delivered stacks and know-how for the 2MW to the system integrator. The system will be operational in Q3 2016. Nedstack was established in 1999 as a spin-off of the PEM fuel cell activities of AkzoNobel.

Reason for collaborating
Within the Interreg V Rocket SuperSurf Project, Nedstack is interested in improving reliability and reducing cost of the cell plates for the fuel cell stack for their customers. Within this Project this is done by analysing and implementing, on fuel cell component level, the novel optical 2D and 3D Quality Control techniques brought in by the Project partners and developed with the Project partners.

FOCAL Vision & Optics

Dr. Gerard van den Eijkel
Institutenweg 25A
7521  PH Enschede
The Netherlands

Information about FOCAL Vision & Optics will follow shortly.

NanoFocus AG
Jürgen Valentin
Max-Planck-Ring 48
46049 Oberhausen

Phone: +49 208 62000-40
Fax: +49 208 62000-94

NanoFocus AG is a developer, manufacturer, and distributor of measurement technology and software packages for the characterization of technical surfaces. NanoFocus AG’s analysis systems allow high precision micro and nano scale 3D surface measurements. The innovative systems enable extremely fast, easy and contactless 3D measurements of topography, micro-geometry, roughness or other surface characteristics. 
The product portfolio of NanoFocus contains three lines of measurement systems: the μsurf 3D metrology systems, the μscan 2D/3D profilometers and the ultra-fast μsprint 3D in-line sensors – all based on the optical confocal principle developed and patented by NanoFocus. The hardware is complemented by powerful software tools for measurement and evaluation.

The systems work at high measurement and analysis speed for in-line quality assurance and process control, use near production lines as well as for laboratory applications. NanoFocus systems are used by technology and market leaders in many high-tech industries.